4-State 2017 Results

2017 4-State 1st Place Entries

Spot Feature

Kaylee Addison, Kate Boles, Shelby Parscale, & Mackenzie Moore - Lee's Summit West

76 Hour Sports Feature

Levi Chrisman, Shelby Parscale, Dawson Erholtz, Kaylee Addison - Lee’s Summit West

News Feature - Short

Mia Hodges, Sierra Stahly - Blue Valley West

News Feature Long

Alli Smith, Caroline McCone, Lillie Adams -  Fayetteville

Edit the Scene

Jaclyn Berry & Gabby Eyre - Lee’s Summit

Sports Round Table

Brady Sorbin, Nate Hall - Blue Valley Southwest

Stand Up

Alli Smith, Lillie Adams - Fayetteville


Kaylee Loder, Sara Nicholas, & Emma Strough - Harrison

76 Hour Music Video

Becca Cannon, Evie Peterson, Regan Vaccaro, Lauren Golec, Cassie Schmidt, Bailey Rindlisbacher - Blue Valley Southwest

76 Hour Movie Maker

Belle Braton, Ethan Rose, Connor Blegen, Bailey Bergen, Lanie Barrows - Lee’s Summit West

Movie Trailer

Jimmy Byers, Elvis Fritz, James Robertson - Parkview

Humorous Segment

Adam Lock, Cale Holder, Joey Caton - Lee’s Summit West

Live Reporter

Matt McCabe - Blue Valley Southwest

Finish the Film

Raley Malone, Tim Rowland, Gerard Connors, & Grant Register - Greene County Tech

Earlybird Madness

Emanuel Rodriguez, Bryce Johnsen, Kevin Nguyen, Amanda Dolinger - North Kansas City

Anchor Team

Emma Oesterly, Abbigail Follis, Hope Kelsey, Jaclyn Berry - Lee’s Summit

60 Second SIlent Film

Lainey Caldwell, Brady Sorbin - Blue Valley Southwest

5 Second Film

Crandall Blake & Grace Davis - Blue Valley Southwest

Podcast Interview

Broadcast News Writing - Jackson McCarty - Greene County Tech

Snapchat Reporter - Kate Castleman - Fayetteville

2017 Sweepstakes Winner: Blue Valley Southwest