4-State 2019

Join us in October for three days of competition, education, and recognition at the University Plaza Hotel in Springfield, Missouri. 4-State is open to any school in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma as well as schools who request a special invitation.

  • October 26-28, 2019

  • Springfield, Missouri | University Plaza Hotel

  • $55 per student / teacher (all contests included)

Planning Guide

Step 1: Register via button above
For now, we only need your contact information and your best guess as to how many people you are bringing. We will email you a link to a google spreadsheet within 3 business days. You can change the number of people you are bringing until September 30th.

Step 2: Book your hotel rooms
Booking details are at the bottom of this web page.

Step 3: Plan your contests
Download and print the contest planner PDF via the button below.

Step 4: Fill out your google spreadsheet
Transfer the info on your contest planner to your online google spreadsheet you received in your confirmation email.You can change your contest entries up until October 18th.



11AM-4PM Earlybird Madness
3:00PM-4:00PM Schools: Set up editing stations in big edit room
4:00PM-4:30PM Opening Ceremony
5PM-5:30PM Contest Launch (Spot Feature, Radio Story, Finish the Film, Music Video)
5PM-6:30PM Novice Workshop
6:30PM Novice Contest Launch (60 Second Silent - Novice)
BREAK Dinner on your own during competitions
8PM Screenings Begin (Broadcast Story, Short Film, Humorous Segment)
11PM-12AM Contest Deadlines

SUNDAY OCT 27, 2019

9AM-10AM Sunday All Day & Sunday AM Contest Launch (Backpack Journalist, Nat Sound Package, Sports Round Table, 10 Hour Film Challenge, 5 Second Film - Varsity, 5 Second Film - Novice, Movie Trailer - Novice, Cinematographer Challenge)
1PM-2PM Sunday AM Contest Deadlines
2PM-3PM Sunday PM Contests Begin (Edit the Package - Varsity, Edit the Package - Novice, Edit the Scene - Varsity, Edit the Scene - Novice, Anchor Team, Commercial - Novice)
6PM-7PM Sunday All Day & Sunday PM Contest Deadlines
DINNER Dinner on your own, during competition time
6PM-11PM Screening Rooms Open (76 Hour Contests)
8:30-10PM Trivia Bash

MONDAY OCT 28, 2019

9AM Awards Ceremony
10AM Wrap

Quick Facts


ASB 4-State is excited to extend an invitation to high schools in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Likewise, 4-State is open to schools whose teachers have attended any of our past workshops as well as schools with a special invitation. If you have a question about registration or would like to be added to the list of invited schools, email

4-State Updates

Teachers attending 4-State will receive certificates verifying 15 professional development hours.

You will need editing equipment on both Saturday and Sunday.

What to bring

  • Enough production equipment (camera, microphones, lights, batteries, tripods, etc.) to facilitate the contests your students have entered.

  • Enough computers and editing software to facilitate the contests your students have entered.

  • A flash drive for every individual contest entry.

  • Extra power strips and extension cords.


We have expanded the number of novice contests for 4-State 2019. Novice contests are open only to first year broadcast and film students, allowing less experienced students to compete with others at a similar level of experience. First year students are also welcome to compete in varsity contests if they like.

On-Site Contests

Broadcast Journalism

  • Anchor Team

  • Spot Feature

  • Sports Round Table

  • Radio Story

  • Edit the Broadcast Package (Regular & Novice Divisions)

  • Backpack Journalist

  • Nat Sound Package- NEW!

Film & Production

  • 10 Hour Film Challenge - NEW!

  • Edit the Scene (Regular & Novice Divisions)

  • 5-Second Film (Regular & Novice Divisions)

  • Commercial (Novice Contest) - NEW!

  • Movie Trailer (Novice Contest)

  • Cinematographer Challenge - NEW!

  • 60-Second Silent Movie (Novice Contest)

  • Finish the Film

  • Music Video

Pre-Conference Contests

Earlybird Madness

  • For schools who show up early.

76 Hour Challenges

  • Movie Maker

  • Broadcast Story

  • Podcast - NEW!

  • Rule Video - NEW!

"Upload" Contests

  • Broadcast Feature Story

  • Humorous Segment

  • Short Film



Novice Workshop

Saturday night, first-year broadcast and film students are invited to participate in an engaging workshop that will teach them the fundamentals of video storytelling and real techniques used by professionals. The intent of this workshop is to prepare first year students for a weekend full of competition and collaboration. The first novice contest will launch immediately following this workshop so they can put their newfound knowledge to the test.


Hotel registration will be handled directly with The University Plaza in Springfield, MO. We have a special block of rooms for $95 per night. Ask for the "ASB 4-State" block of rooms. You must provide them with a sales tax letter to be considered exempt. Schools paying via check will need to mail the check by September 13, 2019. Limit 4 per room.

Note: It is required by law that each student's full name be listed on the room they are staying in. Please be prepared with this information as The University Plaza will require this before you book.

University Plaza Hotel (Connected to Convention Center)
333 S John Q. Hammons Parkway
Springfield, Missouri 65806

Holiday Inn Express (Overflow Hotel)
1117 E St Louis St
Springfield, MO 65806