4State 2018 | 76 Hour Challenges

76 Hour Movie Maker

Event Code: MM
Time Limit:
2 - 5 minutes
DEADLINE: 5PM on Saturday, November 10th

Film Requirements: 

  • Film must feature narration by the main character at some point.

  • Someone must make something out of aluminum foil. That object must be used in a way that serves as a plot twist in your film.

  • You must include a scene where someone is watching a show on a TV (or computer). You must create the content that is on the TV they are watching.

  • At some point, something must prevent your main character from getting or accomplishing something. Your main character must respond in dramatic fashion.

  • There are 20 sound effects in the download link below: you must use 7 of them, and only 7 of them.

76 Hour Broadcast Challenge

Event Code: 76BC

Theme: “Competition”

Assignment: Profile an individual who is competing in something.

Time Limit: 3 minutes

Contest Rules: All aspects of the story must be shot and edited between Wednesday, Nov 7th at 11am and the deadline at 5PM on Saturday, Nov 10th. Stories should adhere to journalistic standards and ethics and demonstrate strong shooting, editing, writing, and overall storytelling. One entry per school. 


Create a 5 second slate that plays before your entry. Static white text on a black screen. Use a standard font like Arial or Helvetica or similar. The 5 second slate will not count against your time limit. NON-SLATED ENTRIES MAY BE DISQUALIFIED.



  1. Render/Export your entry as .mp4 or .mov on a flash drive.

  2. The video file should be the only file on that flash drive.

  3. Name your file according to naming convention below. Mislabeled files may be disqualified.

  4. Turn in your entry at the turn-in table in Oklahoma/Illinois/Colorado at the University Plaza by 5PM on Saturday, November 10th. The deadline is the deadline. No grace period. Late entries will be critiqued but will not be eligible for awards.

    How to Name your video file: EventCode_SchoolCode_EntryName.mov