ASB Storytelling Award Winners

A national panel of judges screened the entries and forwarded their nominations to the ASB Core Staff (none of whom had any connections to any of the entries) who, after careful review and discussion, made the final selections for the Fall 2013 ASB Storytelling Award. Congratulations to the winners.

Click to Watch "Flags & Guns"

Click to Watch "Flags & Guns"

"Flags & Guns"

Cypress Bay High School
Student: Jenna Workman
Adviser: Kurt Doster
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Why it won: The story a provides a wonderful example of "saving a surprise" for the viewer. The emotional punch provided by the piece is set up by establishing the main character, Laura, and showing her dedication to the flag corp. Natural sound pops and video sequences help get us into Laura's world, and about 45 seconds into the piece, when we thought the flag corp was the main topic, the father's story is woven into the narrative, foreshadowing the story's big scene. That scene is shot extremely well, with important action happening in the foreground and in the background.  We see faces full of emotion as we hear the letter written by the father.  When Laura says, "Life is full of surprises I guess," the viewer is fully prepared for the sequence that follows, which pays off in a big way.  The story utilizes still photos effectively, avoids adding background music, and instead uses nat sound for texture throughout. The producers are to be commended for telling a powerful story with a clear beginning, middle and end. Great stories stay with you long after you first watch them. ASB judges say this one proves that point.

Click to Watch "What's the Catch?"

Click to Watch "What's the Catch?"

"What's the Catch?"

Waianae High School
Students: Shayla Ader, Kahunui Foster, Mahealani Nieto-Lopes, Crystal Cebedo
Adviser: John Allen
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Why it won: This story puts a local spin on a global fact:  "Over three-quarters of the world's fish stocks are overexploited."  The pristine visuals and creative sequences enhance the storytelling, as do the sounds and little "moments" captured on the beach and on the boat.  Emil and Eileen, who fish recreationally and commercially, respectively, provide insight and passion, lending a human interest angle to what could have been a very dry topic.  The expert is used sparingly, but effectively, and the simple joy of fishing is contrasted with concerns over what will happen to the world's fish stock in the next 30 years.  Each interview provides a clinic in how to locate, frame and shoot soundbites. This piece, say our judges, is a beautiful example of teens tackling a topic made possible by geographic location, and making that story relevant to viewers anywhere.


Brandon Goodwin

Based in Springfield, Missouri, his video production work has taken him to four continents, a dozen countries and well over half the United States. Brandon has a decade's experience collaborating on projects of all shapes and sizes with a variety of clients, including record labels, non-profits, and advertising agencies. Recently Brandon worked as DP & Editor for the documentary, "Linotype: The Film". He has been on the ASB staff for seven years, and provides training in shooting, editing, writing, and interviewing. He is also the voice of the "Video Coach" series of training discs. He lives in Springfield with his wife Morgan and dog, Peter.