Feedback...We Listen

The teachers who attended the 2013 ASB Workshop had the chance to fill out a feedback form anonymously, and it is always an important final step for the workshop staff as we look ahead by first looking back.

Teachers told us they appreciated the hands-on component of our five-day training the most.  Nothing new.  It is what has set this workshop apart for years.  We are not the only professional development event offering hands-on experiences.  But we do have a nice track record of providing the right ones.  Case in point:  raw footage we use for a workshop editing lesson has been used all over the country since 2003 when it debuted here. 

We learned the attendees thought most of our presentations were "good" or "excellent," and if you have seen evaluations teachers do for presentations in their home schools, we will take those results any day.  Teachers can be a brutal audience.  I know, because I am one.

The biggest complaints about the workshop were about things we can easily fix--better notice about each night's dinner plans--and one teacher even griped about staffers talking too loudly in the back of the classroom during a presentation.  Ouch.  Time for some demerits for talking.

So now we come to the fun part of this blog.  How would our staff rate this year's workshop attendees?  Were they a strong group?  Memorable?  Fun?  Hard-working?  

I'll give you a hint...yes, yes, yes, and yes.  

And you thought I was going to be mean.  See you next summer.