Storytelling Award Winners - Fall 2014

"ALS Angel" - High School Division

Maui High School
Students: Zoe Whitney, Sydney Dempsy, Renezel Lagaran
Advisor: Clint Gima
Link to Story:

Why it Won: The crew localized something that had saturated national media.  It would have been easy to do yet another story on the ice bucket challenge, but instead they found a powerful local angle, featuring a memorable character.  Zoe Whitney, Sydney Dempsy, and Renezel Lagaran covered the story with empathy, and gave us a glimpse into the heartbreak of ALS.  Skillful use of photos under powerful soundbites were especially well-done.  They used Bob Dotson’s “hey-you-see-so” method effectively, including the “so” element, letting viewers understand what this disease ultimately means for the family.  They left a strong lasting impression without trying to force an emotional response.  Kudos for resisting the temptation to add background music that was not needed for this powerful piece.  Note:  Judges did point out seeing the father, but never hearing from him, felt like a missed opportunity.  If he was unwilling to talk, it is perfectly fine to report that. 

"A Different Home" - Middle School Division

Waianae Intermediate School
Students: Daniel Akina, LyRissa Dicion, Jayden Kepo'o-Caspino, Janieshalee Wyatt
Advisor: Luane Higuchi
Link to Story:

Why it Won: We meet a character who opens up about prior abuse in her life.  It was a courageous story for her to tell, and for the crew to cover.  We see the main character in several environments.  Use of nat. sound pops from the classroom and on the soccer field are used effectively.  Creative placement of photographs and the book itself added to the overall presentation.  The emotional bite late in the piece was impactful, and made the viewer understand where Momi had been, and how far she's come.  Note:  Judges noted the b-roll of Momi at 1:16 and 1:56 showed her lips moving, but the sound was from separate clip.  This is called "lip flap," and it's just confusing.  Also--at 1:40 students used photos of her new marriage over soundbites about her abusive relationship.


Brandon Goodwin

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