Spring Storytelling Award Winner

A national panel of judges screened the entries and forwarded their nominations to the ASB Core Staff (none of whom had any connections to any of the entries) who, after careful review and discussion, made the final selections for the Spring 2014 ASB Storytelling Award. Congratulations to the winner!

Click Here to watch "Kendama Craze" by Now Loading News

Click Here to watch "Kendama Craze" by Now Loading News

"Kendama Craze"

Now Loading News, Moanalua High School
Students: Maurice Berbano, Leah Miyasato, Branden Pascual
Advisor: Austin Zavala
Link to Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoSqBuIY4h0

Why it Won: The sole winner of the Spring ASB Storytelling Award is from Moanalua High School, and it is a feature that touches all the bases.  Layers of information about this "craze" come through loud and clear with natural sound and great visual sequences.  Reporter Leah Miyasato provides a pleasant, informative stand-up and then reports on some surprising aspects of the Kendama craze, including a concern about gambling, and the up-side of getting young people to put down their cell phones and electronic devices for at least a few minutes.  The segment has a clear beginning-middle-end approach, and its tone, including an excellent script, fits the topic perfectly.  It provides an excellent example of how young journalists can cover close-to-home topics that are relevant to their target audience--their classmates and peers.  The ASB judge said, "The shots and technical aspects were nearly flawless." 


Brandon Goodwin

Based in Springfield, Missouri, his video production work has taken him to four continents, a dozen countries and well over half the United States. Brandon has a decade's experience collaborating on projects of all shapes and sizes with a variety of clients, including record labels, non-profits, and advertising agencies. Recently Brandon worked as DP & Editor for the documentary, "Linotype: The Film". He has been on the ASB staff for seven years, and provides training in shooting, editing, writing, and interviewing. He is also the voice of the "Video Coach" series of training discs. He lives in Springfield with his wife Morgan and dog, Peter.