Story of the Year

Click the image above to watch the 2014 ASB Story of the Year.

Click the image above to watch the 2014 ASB Story of the Year.

2014 ASB Story of the Year: "Flags & Guns"

Cypress Bay High School
Student: Jenna Workman
Adviser: Kurt Doster
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Our 2014 ASB Story of the Year is "Flags and Guns" from Cypress Bay High School in Florida. The story demonstrates some of the principles of great storytelling that ASB values...use of natural sound...a clear beginning, middle and end...strong writing...memorable visuals...and knowing how to find "the moment," and edit it for the strongest impact. The piece is worth watching several times, not just for the "surprise," but for the amazing journey we take in just two minutes and 25 seconds. Reporter Jenna Workman (no stand-up delivered, no stand-up needed) should be commended for introducing us to a wonderful, passionate character, and letting the emotion wash over the viewer as she experiences the surprise. No musical manipulation here--just great natural sound, great visuals, and a fantastic climax that stays with the viewer. The pacing, the use of pertinent information while avoiding trivial details, and the resolution that answers questions about the subject's immediate future, hit all the right notes. Well done!


Brandon Goodwin

Based in Springfield, Missouri, his video production work has taken him to four continents, a dozen countries and well over half the United States. Brandon has a decade's experience collaborating on projects of all shapes and sizes with a variety of clients, including record labels, non-profits, and advertising agencies. Recently Brandon worked as DP & Editor for the documentary, "Linotype: The Film". He has been on the ASB staff for seven years, and provides training in shooting, editing, writing, and interviewing. He is also the voice of the "Video Coach" series of training discs. He lives in Springfield with his wife Morgan and dog, Peter.