ASB Workshop: Ready To Go!

We have 27 broadcast teachers heading to the 15th annual ASB Workshop in Springfield, MO the week of July 6-11.  It is hands-down my favorite week of the year.

The teachers come from New Jersey, California, Illinois, South Carolina, Texas, Colorado and Florida, as well as Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.  We even have a teacher from a school in Dubai.

One has been a TV reporter and anchor, but not a teacher.  He needs some help.  Another has been teaching English for 20 years and now has to run a video production class.  She needs help.  We have a teacher who has tons of equipment and two control rooms.  Another says her school has “an iMac.”  They both need some help.

So we plan to do just that.  To help.  It means five long days, an information overload, and hands-on applications suitable for the middle school and high school classroom.  Even the fifth grade classroom--we have an elementary teacher joining us as well.

Our small staff is talented and dedicated.  They have their hearts in the right place--and they stand ready to do everything they can to make the 2014 ASB Workshop an amazing experience.  So let’s do this!