Preview: ASB in 2016

We are excited about our the coming year, and hope you will be part of it.

*Our ASB Storytelling Award is now a yearly contest as we recognize the best in scholastic broadcasting in the last spring.  The entry deadline will be in mid-April.  Details coming in about a month.

*Atlanta, here we come!  Dave and Brandon will be providing some great, fast-paced sessions for broadcast teachers at the STN convention in March.  This will include a new hands-on component, we are really excited to incorporate.  Stay tuned for details here in the weeks ahead, but you can learn more at the website.

*Video Coach III....yes, our new training DVD is finally in production.  Expect it later in 2016.  It will be all about shooting b-roll.

*In the months ahead, we will continue to publish some bell-ringer exercises, and a some more teacher-friendly tips and resources.  

*The Rant.....yes, you can count on a future blog entry where "Coach Davis" sounds off, probably in a similar fashion to that famous one published earlier in 2015...some folks say their kids really needed to hear it, so they read it aloud to their staffs.

*Speaking of the ASB blog, we will be publishing some new articles by guest-bloggers, and they will be providing great content for fellow broadcast teachers.    

*Our summer workshops for teachers are now open for registration here on the site, and the ASB student camp will start its registration soon.  

*As we like to say in the tease, "all that and more on the ASB website in 2016."