Storytelling Award Winner -Spring 2015

Congrats to Betsy Bullock, Cole Lowery, and Isaiah Schmidt, along with their advisor, A.J. Chambers from Summerville High School. Their brave and even-handed approach to covering a difficult subject earned them the Spring 2015 Storytelling Award.

"Walter Scott Shooting"

Summerville High School
Students: Betsy Bullock, Cole Lowery, and Isaiah Schmidt
Advisor: A.J. Chambers
Link to Story:

Why it Won: Very effective use of natural sound pops at the beginning to jump start the story and put the viewer into the atmosphere of the piece. Great example of using a stand-up with impact by Ms. Bullock by tying her script into the countdown of the number of gunshots fired. Nice hustle by all involved to get the actual footage of the shooting. The piece was well balanced, using the sound bite from the mayor of North Charleston to present the city’s POV on their handling of the aftermath of the incident.The segment provided context with sound bites from those participating in the protest, and other original footage to combine with the dash-cam video, and other video well-sourced from various entities. It is refreshing to see a high school news team with the courage to tackle a tough, touchy incident with an even hand. Kudos to all involved.

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