Bell Ringer #4


The ASB Bell Ringer exercises are quick, mini-lessons designed to jump start a class period

Category: Focus Statements

Materials: Pencil/pen and paper, or laptop/printer

Assignment: Write a focus statement to follow as you prepare to shoot a story about the event described below. Note: Think about a statement which will guide you as you produce a short, 60-second story.  

Tip: You should be able to write a one-sentence focus statement for any story you do. Otherwise, you need to narrow your focus.

Example of a BAD focus statement: “The debate team is interesting.”

Example of a GOOD focus statement: “Three varsity debaters are going to the regional tournament after winning their events at districts.”

Your Event: A tailgate party before the football game included hot dogs, face-painting, a lip-sync contest between the classes (seniors/juniors/sophs/frosh) which the juniors won, and a performance by the dance team. Over 250 students and fans attended.

Assignment Part Two: Now narrow your focus statement to just three words—subject-verb-object.

Example of shortened focus statement:  Debaters reach regionals.

Lesson: This exercise teaches students to develop narrow, shootable focus statements.