Bell Ringer #2


The ASB Bell Ringer exercises are quick, mini-lessons designed to jump start a class period.

Category: Writing

Materials: Paper and pen/pencil, or keyboard/printer.

Assignment: Read the paragraph below and re-write it into broadcast style, using active verbs when possible, and making it more conversational.  

Tip:  In the active voice you “make things do things.” Active version:  “The receiver caught the pass.”  Compare to the passive version:  “The ball was caught by the receiver.”

Avoid:  Adjectives, which can shade the story with reporter opinion.  

Paragraph: A previously stolen wallet was found under a lab table by sophomore Kris Miller yesterday. The missing wallet was given to Mr. Jon Peterson, the school safety officer, just before first period.  Unfortunately, missing was 52 dollars and a Visa debit card.  The wallet belonged to science teacher Mr. Ed Harper.  The debit card was canceled right after the wallet was discovered missing by Mr. Harper last Monday.

Lesson: This exercise teaches students to write in an active, conversational, broadcast style.