2016 Storytelling Award Winner!

"A Home For Larenzo"

Waianae Intermediate School
Students: Amee Neves, Samantha Caldwell, Fabryanna Manumaluena, Jordyn Gerard Watkins-Oka
Advisor: Luane Higuchi
Link to Story: http://www.jrsearidertelevision.com/asb-contest/a-home-for-larenzo

Why it Won: This story features a strong central character with a clear beginning, middle and end. It features dynamic and well-composed b-roll and makes great use of natural sound. The photographers did a good job taking the audience somewhere they've probably never been and the script flows seamlessly into the nicely constructed sound bites.  Viewers don't learn about his unique situation until nearly midway through the story (save a surprise). The package takes you through Lorenzo's story one beat at a time and aims for the heart.

2016 ASB Honor Roll

For the first time, we are happy to name our finalists in the ASB Storytelling Award contest. The following entries (in no particular order) were highly regarded by our judges from across the country, and should be congratulated on their excellence in storytelling.

Museum of Puppetry ArtsHempfield High School
Loud and Cheer, Maui High School ACOM
Under the Skin, Wolf Byte TV
Fighting for the Force, Wolf Byte TV
Whatever Floats Your Boat, Mustang Morning News
Without Home, Searider Productions
Coach Clarence, CKTV Media Productions
Looming for Hope, Cypress Bay High School
One Country, One Voice, Cypress Bay High School