What Would You Do?

Some questions we will be discussing at the ASB Workshop this summer.  There is still time to sign up, by the way, here on this website. 

1—You have information, solid leads, people willing to talk on camera about a policy at your school that is causing real problems for students.  The school will get criticized, and so might your principal.   Green light or red light? 

2—A student says he lost your microphone, the wireless one that cost $450.  Kick him out of class?

3—Your kids prepare the memories video for the school each spring.  Earlier in the year, a student commits suicide.  Mention him in the video? 

4—A memo goes out to teachers telling them to refrain from championing a candidate in class.  Stay neutral.  One of your broadcast students wants to reveal a teacher who consistently pushes her politics in her classes.  Green light or red light?

5—You have enough money in your budget to purchase broadcast journalism text books, or buy five new cameras, or take kids to a national convention.  How do you spend the money? 

Hope to see you this summer.