Summer Heat: Rhetorical Questions For TV Teachers

Food for thought....that's what we'll call it.

Let's just say I am feeling a little  cantankerous....

Let's just say I am feeling a little  cantankerous....


1.  If they held a national convention for scholastic journalism, with NO CONTESTS, and NO AWARDS, just presentations by great speakers from all walks of the journalism world, would thousands of teachers and kids show up?

2.  Can a contest be considered “educational” when there is no feedback or critique provided?

3.  Is recognition of student work the icing, or the cake, for your program?

4.  If you let kids pick, would they produce more journalism, or more short movies and music videos?

5.  Is it time for high schools to stop imitating local newcasts and come up with their own fresh approach?

6.  If teens have such short attention spans, especially when watching video online, how important are the first ten seconds of your story?

7.  Isn’t coverage of breaking news one thing our high school broadcast students rarely experience?

8.  If teachers can not write for broadcast, how can they teach students to write for broadcast?

9.  When is the last time your students covered a topic that made you nervous or uncomfortable?  

10. If you had strong, consistent administrative support, how would that change your broadcast program?

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