Video Coach III Update

We have been getting quite a few inquiries about our third training disc, this one about shooting B-roll, those pictures and sounds that bring a story to life.

Some of the video has already been shot, and we are definitely moving forward with it.  But there are some questions we have about the third disc that we have not quite answered to our satisfaction.  The primary question is delivery.  


How many broadcast teachers actually show DVDs anymore?  In the classroom of 2016, so much of what we share with kids is online, digitized and ready to stream or download.  Hard media--the kind you can hold in your hands--has become SO prehistoric, man.  So old school. get it.

So we ask you to indulge us a little longer, and we will have news for you soon.  We are definitely flattered that so many teachers have used the Video Coach series to enhance their videography lessons.  We promise, the third and final video in this series will be just as helpful, and practical, as the first two.  So to use an old broadcast phrase, "Please stand by."