Who Is Your MVP?

Your broadcast staff is a team, right?  We all like to preach “team” to students in an effort to get them on board with our common purpose:  To produce a great show.

So what if we did what professional sports leagues do, and named a Most Valuable Player each year?

What makes a student “most valuable” on your staff?  Most Valuable Players elevate the entire team with their contributions day-in and day-out.  These are people who excel in big ways, and little ways, and make a strong, positive difference.

This includes, but is not limited to:

*Patting other staff members on the back when they need it or deserve it

*Leading by example, by meeting all deadlines

*Showing respect to the adviser by listening in class instead of constantly texting or ignoring discussions

*Acting as an ambassador for your program, talking it up to younger students

*Coming up with projects to tackle when they have their assigned work completed

*Watching and listening for story ideas constantly

*Paying attention to the world outside their bubble, including world, national and regional events

*Taking care of equipment in the field and in the studio

*Never refusing to do the “small jobs” that have to be done

Notice I did not include “wins awards and brings recognition to your staff.”  That might be valuable, but is it “MOST” valuable?