Broadcast Advisers and Politics

Before you read my opinion below, one you may hate, please watch this seven-second clip.

My Take:  Broadcast Journalism teachers should not be publishing, posting, or sharing their political leanings or opinions.  If you advise a high school journalism show, you can not risk it.  We are to be objective, as are our young journalists.  If you want to campaign for this party, or that candidate, then you open yourself up to mistrust:  "Are you using your little high school show to push your agenda?"  "Are your students' stories reflecting your politics?"    

If you think this is totally unfair of me to suggest...have you been paying attention to what much of the general public thinks of the news these days?  

I know it is a challenge to keep quiet when issues hit close to your heart, but I can honestly say I never had any idea what my journalism advisers' politics were in high school or college.  Do your students really need to know yours?  It is much easier to insist your reporters provide both sides, or all sides, of a news story when they do not have to worry about your left-wing or right-wing or whatever-wing leanings. 

Just like the producer above who flinched at the anchor's comment, our student-reporters, even at our end of the journalism food chain, have a right to expect objectivity from us, because we expect it of them.

Now, fire away.  I can take it.  I think.