Summer Workshop Filling Up

We had one of our best summers ever in 2016, with two lively teacher workshops here in Springfield, MO.  The "Queen City of the Ozarks" has been the home of this week-long teacher training event since the summer of 2000.


This year, we host just one of our workshops, for first-time attendees only.  We host the workshop for returning teachers in even years only, which means it will be back in 2018, along with the yearly boot camp for the new attendees.  As I type this, registrations are going very well, so well that we may max out this July's edition very soon.

If you want to receive professional development grounded in the reality of your broadcast/video classroom, with plenty of great material, but also plenty of get-up-and-shoot-and-edit-and-stop-talking-it-to-death fun, the ASB Workshop is just the professional development you need.

Learn more, and register here, as soon as you can: