What I Learned: Year 28

I just wrapped up my 35th year of teaching, and my 28th year teaching Broadcast Journalism.  I keep teaching, and I keep learning.  Here are a few thoughts from this past year...

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 3.21.33 PM.png

*Classes like mine are not classes, really.  They are much more.  They are work sites, they are creativity zones, and hopefully, they are safe places for kids who have no other home in the school.  This is true of other destinations in our building--the theater, the choir room, and the gym come to mind.  All provide kids a sanctuary during hectic times, a place to visit with peers interested in the same things they care about.  Most important of all, they provide a place of acceptance.  "You get to be a video nerd in here.  We all are."

*There is nothing wrong with new approaches.  There is nothing wrong with tried-and-true approaches.  The challenge is when to use which.  My comfort zone is journalism, and beginning-middle-end storytelling, so I am not always patient with news pieces that wander off topic.  For some of my film-ish kids, a good story is often less linear, and less obvious.  Subtlety is a tool for them.  So I am learning to be a more patient viewer of the "creative" content. 

* I am a believer in the podcast format.  We started one last fall, called "Bay 11," and I am so excited about this form of storytelling, and can not wait for our second year of shows.  Podcasting emphasizes so many skills that translate to video, but that is just a side benefit, and not one I care much about.  Our podcast crew of four is actually separate from our HTV staff, and I do not expect them to suddenly turn around and start shooting video stories.  They exist on a different island, not tied to our video expectations.  BUT...the TV kids have a lot to learn from the podcast stories if they pay attention.  I will see how it goes next year.  I hope our video is more "sound" than ever.

Have a great summer.  I'm ready for the ASB Workshops--all four of them--coming in June and July.