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Coming SOON

ASB Classroom is still in the works, but we are looking for a few beta users to test the functionality.


Take your production and storytelling skills to the next level. From the fundamentals of shooting quality footage to advanced editing techniques, our ever-growing library of e-courses are built to support the modern broadcast or film production classroom. Every e-course includes interactive quizzes at the end of each chapter to put students to the test and ensure they are absorbing the material.

Current E-Courses

  • Video Coach Shooter’s Guide Volume 1: Fundamentals

  • Video Coach Shooter’s Guide Volume 2: Interviews

Future E-Courses

  • Video Coach Shooter’s Guide Volume 3: B-Roll

  • Lighting Basics

  • Advanced Lighting Techniques

  • Audio Basics

  • Adobe Premiere Pro: A Beginner’s Guide

  • Final Cut Pro: A Beginner’s Guide

To suggest an e-course, send us an email.

Edit Assignments

ASB Classroom gives you access to all of our Raw Footage Editing Assignments. You’ll get a digital download of the basic building blocks of a story: interviews, b-roll, a focus statement and a fact sheet. Your students edit the clips and show off their storytelling skills using professionally shot footage. This can be just for practice or you can use these exercises as a graded assignment.

Current Edit Assignments

  • Mudhouse

  • Hot Glass

Membership Perks

  • Unlimited access to all e-courses and online quizzes

  • Unlimited number of student users

  • Lesson plans & assignments

  • Digital download of Video Coach Volumes 1-3

  • Free printable PDF of all 14 Storytelling & Shooting Tips posters

  • 25% off everything in the ASB online store, for life

  • Special early-bird pricing for ASB Workshops ($50 Value)

  • Free school entry fee to ASB 4-State ($50 Value)