Camp ASB: Frisco, TX

The Chase Scene

55-65 Second Chase Sequence
Required: Background Music and Natural Sound. A reason or motivation for the chase. Something gets the chase going. A surprise, or unexpected ending. Must use audio cues from the song to influence the edit. Use at least 5 of the WALLDO shots (Wide, Angled, Low, Linking, Depth, Opposite)
Allowed: Natural Sounds, Dialogue, Music, Effects, Graphics, Transitions
Not Allowed: Narration, Copyrighted Images or Songs
Extra Credit Shots: Intentionally Backlit, Reflection, POV, Pedestal

The ASB Camp Frisco: Show
Students who chose the broadcast track created a camp show covering the following stories, all taking place on the Lone Star High School campus. Students had one day to shoot and one day to edit their news or feature packages. The show was screened on Friday afternoon in front of their peers.

Allowed: Natural Sounds, Voice Over, Graphics
Not Allowed: Copyrighted Images or Songs

Individual Stories:

Film Projects

3-5 Minute Short Film

Film Prompt: Must include a pen or pencil in the turning point of the film. Must deal with the overarching theme of, "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder". Must use the line, "I didn't see that coming".

Bonus Assignment: Student Stand-Ups

Students were given a piece of an interview and recorded stand-ups to lead into the sound bite.

Teacher Assignment: The Podcast

30-60 Second Podcast or Radio Story

Required: Teachers must find a student and interview them in a radio broadcast style using only their smartphones.