Volume 1: Fundamentals


Volume 1: Fundamentals



Learn and easily teach the "fundamentals" of shooting video with Volume 1 of the Video Coach Shooter's guide. From basic shot types to the 180 degree rule, this 50 minute DVD has quickly become a favorite classroom resource, built specifically for broadcast journalism teachers. Appx. 50 min.

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Chapter Summary

Chapter 1:  Essential Equipment
From headphones to tripods, this chapter covers all the equipment your students will need to get started.

Chapter 2:  Wide, Medium, Tight
Learn how and why to shoot a variety of wide, medium, and tight shots when covering news in the field.

Chapter 3:  Sequences
Students will learn the art of crafting sequences and why they are important in the world of video production.

Chapter 4:  Composition
Plenty of examples and practical techniques for composing shots and learning the art of visual storytelling.

Chapter 5:  Ten Shooting Tips
This chapter highlights the ten timeless techniques every shooter should know by heart.

Bonus Material

  • Ten PDF lesson plans for use in the classroom.
  • Interactive quizzes for each of the five chapters.
  • "Presentation Mode" to quickly access specific example on the disc.