ASB Student Camp

  • Summer 2017 (Dates TBA)
  • Kansas City, Missouri
  • Cost: $575 (includes lodging)
  • Commuter Cost: $350
  • Begins at 5:30PM on Sunday
  • Ends at 1:00PM on Thursday

Better Storytellers

The goal of this five day camp is to take a student's visual storytelling skills to the next level with a fast-paced lineup of fun and challenging audio and video exercises. Experienced teachers provide one-on-one instruction and constructive feedback. Each lesson is followed by hands-on applications, field work, and by the end of the week, a complete broadcast.



2015 Schedule

Campers should arrive by Sunday at 5:30 p.m. The camp will end on Thursday by 1 p.m. Transfers to and from the MCI airport, and to and from camp activities, is provided.


What to Bring

Students are encouraged to bring a camera, mic, tripod, and media (tapes, cards, etc.) so they can work with the same gear they will use back at their home school. If you can not bring equipment, it will be provided. The camp uses Final Cut Pro editing software. If you have a PC laptop and want to bring your own editing software, that is allowed, but the camp staff only supports Final Cut Pro.


What to Expect

Be ready to work in the field and in the edit bay. Story gathering and storytelling are the focus of this camp. You will also meet other students from across the country, and see plenty of great examples of productions by teens and professionals.