Video Coach DVD Series

Volume 1: Fundamentals


Chapter 1:  Essential Equipment
From headphones to tripods, this chapter covers all the equipment your students will need to get started.


Chapter 2:  Wide, Medium, Tight
Learn how and why to shoot a variety of wide, medium, and tight shots when covering news in the field.


Chapter 3:  Sequences
Students will learn the art of crafting sequences and why they are important in the world of video production.


Chapter 4:  Composition
Plenty of examples and practical techniques for composing shots and learning the art of visual storytelling.


Chapter 5:  Ten Shooting Tips
This chapter highlights the ten timeless techniques every shooter should know by heart.


Volume 2: Interviews


Chapter 1: Focus Statements
Dave Davis explains the importance of defining a story’s focus before rushing out to shoot interviews & B-roll.


Chapter 2: Run & Gun Interview
Learn the simple techniques used to quickly capture sound bites on the fly when you’re shooting in the field.


Chapter 3: Formal Interviews
Building upon the previous chapter, students will learn best practices for preparing for and pulling off a scheduled interview.


Chapter 4: Lighting Interviews
How to use natural light, on-camera lights, and traditional three-point lighting to make your interviews look pro.


Chapter 5: Troubleshooting
Things go wrong in the field. This chapter is all about how to work around the unpredictable conditions of shooting interviews.

Bonus Material

Teacher Reviews

Chapter Quizzes
Both volumes 1 & 2 of the video coach shooter’s guide have quizzes that reinforce the material taught on the discs.

PDF Lesson Plans
Volume 1 comes with ten PDF lesson plans for hands-on assignments for use in the classroom and in the field. Volume 2 comes with five PDF lesson plans.

Presentation Mode
Volume 1 has a presentation menu on the DVD. Volume two has an attached powerpoint of all the material included on the disc.


The ASB Video Coach DVDs are the perfect tool for teaching beginner and advanced broadcast storytelling techniques.
— Nick Fornicoia, Eastview High School, MN
I use it to teach the Intro students the basics of shooting video, but I also use it each fall with the Advanced Classes to remind them what they know! The activities that are included reinforce what the students learned and make it easy to check their understanding of the concepts!
— Peggy James, Fayetteville High School, AR
The examples used to illustrate a concept are well-done and easy to follow. I love this DVD and can hardly wait for the next in the series!
— Carla Ecklund, Chula Vista, CA